[pgcon-announce] PGCon Developer Unconference Info!

Stephen Frost sfrost at snowman.net
Wed Jun 3 05:37:17 UTC 2015


It's time to organize the PostgreSQL Developer Unconference!  We are
excited to say that we have over 100 individuals registered for this
event!  This is a 1.5 day event, starting the afternoon of Tuesday 16
June, 2015 and ending the evening of Wednesday 17 June, 2015.  Breaks
will be included as needed for coffee, tea, food, socializing, and

We are doing things a bit differently this year (and a bit different
from the "traditional" Unconference-style), please see the wiki:



The main change from "traditional" Unconference-style is that we're
attempting to do a bit of loose organization prior to the start of the
Unconference, using the wiki.  If successful, we will be able to reclaim
the hour or so of time which is usually reserved for topic discussion
and use it for sessions instead.  Further, we hope to be able to
optimize the schedule for the speakers and attendees, avoid double
booking individuals, etc.

For this, we *need* everyone's help and cooperation to update the wiki
to add topics and note which topics they are interested in.  There is no
doubt that this is an experiment and will be a challenge, but the more
information we have the more likely we will be successful.

Please note that the topics for this Unconference are to be related to
PostgreSQL development.  The agenda will be driven using the wiki based
on the relative interest of the topics listed, in concert with attempts
to optimize the schedule for the attendees.  Please direct any questions
or comments to Stephen Frost (sfrost at snowman.net) or Dave Page
(dpage at pgadmin.org).

A great example of a topic which would be appropriate for the
Unconference is a discussion of the MultiXAct issues, with the various
individuals involved in its design and ongoing improvements as required
attendees.  Other topic examples could be UPSERT, Grouping Sets, RLS, or
other 9.5 features and how they changed backend components or the
on-disk format.  Discussion of post-9.5 work is certainly encourgaed
also and we have good examples already listed in the form of Table
partitioning and Vertical Scalability.  Perhaps another topic would be
join push-down with postgres_fdw.


Each meeting at the Unconference is intended to last ~1 hour.  We would
like to capture the attendees (or at least, the individuals primairly
involved in the discussion who are happy to be listed) of each meeting
along with notes from the meeting, so those who were unable to attend
can review them.  As such, if you're comfortable doing so, please
volunteer to gather that information and post it to the wiki page.


All members of the PostgreSQL Community who are attending PGCon are
welcome to attend the Developer Unconference.  Note, however, that this
is a technical Unconference and talks are expected to be technical in
nature and related to PostgreSQL development.  The Unconference is not
intended to cover User-oriented talks or tutorials.  If you have any
questions about if a particular topic is appropriate, please contact
Stephen Frost (sfrost at snowman.net) or Dave Page (dpage at pgadmin.org).


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