[pgcon-volunteers] Video recording

Vik Fearing vikreykja at gmail.com
Thu May 11 23:28:23 UTC 2017

I can never remember how to get majordomo to send me a mail from the
archives so I can reply to it properly, so I apologize for breaking the

The usual folks who do our recording have had to withdraw. However, they
> will loan us the gear to us.
> Now I need a team to run that gear. The more the better and a few people
> to lead. Volunteers get in free.
> Recording is on Thursday and Friday. You don't have to stay in one room
> but all rooms need coverage. Theoretically, this could be done with a team
> of three, but 4-6 would be better.
> First task, I need a volunteer to take charge of the recording team, and
> to organize them in the lead up to the conference.
> The video will be uploaded to YouTube after the conference.

I can volunteer for this.
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