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John Nowlan JohnNowlan at Cunet.Carleton.Ca
Tue Jun 6 14:11:17 UTC 2017

I enjoyed being able to help. +1 would do it again.

General comments, not specific to process improvement:
- try and get schedule data onto pc's ahead of time
- have cables/adapters available
- could 1 mike be used instead of 1 for room 1 for recording?
- these are all minor things

- the one thought that occurred to me was that it might be corny, but fun to have some sort of 'question period/quiz show/challenge' over lunch. I want to hear what other peoples experiences have been/what are best practices, etc. but I, like others, I think, are generally introverted. Having some sort of activity/goal can help get people talking, so something that is semi-structured but invites people to participate would be great. Maybe have vendor reps take questions from the 'field' but allow anyone to participate. Something like that.

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Thank you for your help with the video recording during PGCon 2017. I will upload & add a splash soon. 

Any ideas for process improvement?

Thanks again. 

Dan Langille

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