[pgcon-announce] Closing session auction

Dan Langille dan at langille.org
Thu May 28 18:38:54 UTC 2020

Despite what the opening and closing sessions say, there will be a non-auction auction after the closing session.

Up for bidding is a batch of 12 slonik cookies shipped anywhere in USA free (international shipping is extra).

Examples here: https://imgur.com/a/R0HuO1n

All proceeds to the @OttawaMission
The cookie auction will be streamed live at: https://pgcon.org/2020/stream1.php

Join the Zoom session from about 3:10 PM Ottawa time today (that's 1910 UTC).


If you have other items ( hosting services, etc) which you want to auction off to charity, please tweet with #pgcon2020

If you are offering up something, you'll have to do the shipping / allocation / etc of the item.

We will monitor bids. Bidding closes Monday 11 Jun sometime.

We are purposely not saying what time because that will avoid snipers.

Thank you.

  Dan Langille
  dan at langille.org

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