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Here are the talks for PGCon 2018. The full schedule will be published soon.

ASSERTIONs: David Fetter
Aurora PostgreSQL Deep Dive: Grant McAlister
Authentication in PostgreSQL: Michael Paquier
Beyond JDBC: Michael Glaesemann
Building web applications with PostgREST and Elm: Diogo Biazus
Continuous Integration for Commitfests: Thomas Munro
Credereum - blockchain-enabled Postgres: Alexander Korotkov
De-mystifying contributing to PostgreSQL: Lætitia AVROT
Deep dive into PostgreSQL Authentication Methods: Abbas Butt
Flexible Indexing with Postgres: Bruce Momjian
Growing up new PostgreSQL developers: Aleksander Alekseev, Anastasia Lubennikova
Hacking on PostgreSQL: Stephen Frost
How PostgreSQL Extension APIs are Changing the Face of Relational Databases: Ozgun Erdogan
Introducing PMDK into PostgreSQL: Takashi Menjo, Yoshimi Ichiyanagi
Jsonb flexible indexing: Oleg Bartunov
Let's Build a Complex, Real-Time Data Management Application: Jonathan S. Katz
Let's pull the plug on the autovacuum?!: Alexey Lesovsky
Linux IO internals for database administrators: Ilya Kosmodemiansky
Migration of a 5 Node Oracle RAC to PostgreSQL: Avinash Vallarapu
Next generation PostgreSQL replication with pglogical 3 and BDR 3: Peter Eisentraut
Partitioning improvements in PostgreSQL 11: Alvaro Herrera
pg_chameleon: Federico Campoli
PostgreSQL Partitioning: Robert Treat
PostgreSQL Partitioning: Then & Now: Keith Fiske
Recovery use cases for Logical Replication in PostgreSQL 10: Konstantin Evteev, Mikhail Tyurin
Reviewing PostgreSQL Patches for Fun and Profit: David Steele
Scaling WAL apply performance on Followers: Sean Chittenden
Securing PostgreSQL: Joe Conway
Securing Your Data On PostgreSQL: Payal Singh
Standard SQL Gap Analysis: Markus Winand
The Buildfarm client as a development tool: Andrew Dunstan
The State of Postgres JIT - 2018 Edition: Andres Freund
Towards scalable ACID PostgreSQL with partitioning, postgres_fdw and logical replication: Arseny Sher
VACUUM more efficient than ever: Masahiko Sawada
What's in a Plan?: Robert Haas
Your Herd of Elephants: PostgreSQL Replication: Christophe Pettus
zheap: less bloat, fewer writes, and just plain smaller: Robert Haas, Amit Kapila

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