[pgcon-announce] PGCon 2017 registration now open

Dan Langille dan at langille.org
Mon Apr 10 14:54:11 UTC 2017

Join us in Ottawa for the 11th annual PGCon.  On May 23-26, users and developers from 
around the world arrive for what has become a traditional gathering of the PostgreSQL

There will be two days of tutorials on Tuesday and Wednesday.  The best of the best 
will be available to help you learn great things about PostgreSQL and its tools.
See http://www.pgcon.org/2017/schedule/track/Tutorial/index.en.html <http://www.pgcon.org/2017/schedule/track/Tutorial/index.en.html>

On Wednesday, there will be a Developer Unconference (non-developers are welcome 
too).  The Unconference first appeared at PGCon 2013 and was a instant success.
See https://wiki.postgresql.org/wiki/PgCon_2017_Developer_Unconference <https://wiki.postgresql.org/wiki/PgCon_2017_Developer_Unconference>

For Thursday and Friday, the submitted talks will be presented as everyone gathers in 
one location to learn, discuss, and collaborate.

Full list of talks: http://www.pgcon.org/2017/schedule/events.en.html <http://www.pgcon.org/2017/schedule/events.en.html>

In summary:

• Tutorials: 23-34 May 2017 (Tue & Wed)
• Unconference: 24 May 2016
• Talks: 25-26 May 2016 (Thu-Fri).

Registration is now open at http://www.pgcon.org/2017/registration.php <http://www.pgcon.org/2017/registration.php>

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