[pgcon-announce] PGCon 2016 - more residence rooms available

Dan Langille dan at langille.org
Thu Apr 28 16:16:58 UTC 2016


In this note:

- Residence accommodation
- About PGCon
- The Unconferences
- If you meet our sponsors

* residence accommodation

U90, the main residence building on campus at University of Ottawa is a sought-after 
accommodation.  Not only is U90 reasonably priced, it is also close to the talks and tutorials.
Need to duck back to your room to grab something?  It is only minutes away. 

More rooms in U90 have recently become available because non-PGCon groups have 
cancelled their reservations.

NOTE: We have no financial interest in room occupancy and it is not related to the costs
of other conference facilities. We know how much those who stay in residence love it, and
want others to take advantage of rooms which are now available.

* About PGCon

PGCon 2016 will be held on 17-21 May (Tue-Sat) at University of Ottawa.

Tutorials will be on 17-18 May (Tue & Wed).

Talks/lectures will be on 19-20 May (Thu & Fri).

* The Unconferences

There will be two Unconferences.  Both are free, and anyone may attend.

The topics are decided by those who attend. Show up. Volunteer to talk.
Ask for a talk on a topic you are interested in.

  1 - Developer Unconference (Wed) - topics will be restricted to contributing to PostgreSQL and major features currently under development
  2 - User Unconference (Sat) - anything PostgreSQL related

What is an Unconference?  Read this: https://wiki.postgresql.org/wiki/PgConUnconferenceFAQ <https://wiki.postgresql.org/wiki/PgConUnconferenceFAQ>

* If you meet our sponsors

If you meet our sponsors, please thank them and mention you know they are 
sponsoring PGCon 2016.

Fujitsu                - http://www.fujitsu.com
Heroku                 - http://www.heroku.com/
EnterpriseDB           - http://www.enterprisedb.com/
Salesforce             - http://www.salesforce.com/
NTT                    - http://www.oss.ecl.ntt.co.jp/ossc
Crunchy Data Solutions - http://crunchydatasolutions.com
2ndQuadrant            - http://2ndquadrant.com/
PostgreSQL Experts     - http://www.pgexperts.com/
SRAOSS, Inc            - http://www.sraoss.com/
Citus Data             - http://www.citusdata.com/
Postgres Professionals - http://www.postgrespro.ru/
JackDB                 - http://www.jackdb.com/
Redpill Linpro         - http://www.redpill-linpro.com/
PostgreSQL-Consulting  - http://postgresql-consulting.com/
Turksat                - https://www.turksat.com.tr/en

Dan Langille - BSDCan / PGCon
dan at langille.org

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