[pgcon-announce] University of Ottawa - accommodation reservations

Dan Langille dan at langille.org
Fri Feb 13 19:07:34 UTC 2015

This year, for the first time, the University of Ottawa has an online
reservation system for on-campus accommodations.  However, since it is
the first year for this system, it has had some bugs.  Please be
patient. It is possible to make a reservation using it, but it may take
a couple of attempts.

Some details that may not be obvious:

- Our group number, 592, is the "promotion" code.
- The apartment residences, where most people stay is "90U"
- You have to choose your number of rooms twice, and then pick "add room"
- You will need to make a deposit for 1 night's stay

If you get stuck, then call the university accommodations line at (613)
564-5400 to make the reservation for you.

Full details are at http://www.pgcon.org/2015/accommodations.php

Dan Langille

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