[pgcon-announce] HEADS UP: Saturday - the tourist stuff - UPDATED

Dan Langille dan at langille.org
Fri May 21 19:37:17 BST 2010

This is one option for Saturday. You are free to come with us or take 
part in all or some activities.  Or make your own way around...

The agenda for the tourist day was completely wrong.  It has been 
updated:  http://www.pgcon.org/2010/schedule/day_2010-05-22.en.html

Details below:

The forecast: http://www.theweathernetwork.com/weather/CAON0512

Cora's - 8 AM - Breakfast
  - 179 Rideau Street - http://bit.ly/dngpnV
  - if you arrive much past 8:30, you probably won't get
    through in time to get to the next meeting point
  - we will depart Cora's at 8:55

Rideau Center - 9:13
  - south end of the Mall on the Mackenzie King bridge
  - we are catching the #95 bus to direction Orleans to BLAIR 1B
  - from there, at 9:27, take Bus route 129 (OC Transpo) direction

Aviation Museum
  - we'll do a guided tour first, then wander around
  - departing here at 1:30

Earl of Sussex Pub
  - arriving at about 2:15
  - 431 Sussex Drive
    Ottawa, ON K1N 9M6
    (613) 562-5544

All times after we leave Rideau Center are very subject to change.

Dan Langille - http://langille.org/

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