[pgcon-announce] Rooms in Residence

Dan Langille dan at langille.org
Tue May 6 16:25:00 BST 2008


Two weeks to go.

It looks like 24 of you have booked a two bedroom apartment in  
residence.  It
appears you are alone in that room.  Would you consider letting someone
split the cost and have the other bedroom?

If so, http://www.pgcon.org/phorum/list.php?f=4 is the best place to  
let others
know you want to share.

Looking for a room on campus?  Please post to the above URL.

There are rooms available at Les Suites and other nearby hotels.   
here: http://www.pgcon.org/2008/travel.php

Dan Langille -- http://www.langille.org/
dan at langille.org

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