[pgcon-announce] PGCon 2008 - registration now open

Dan Langille dan at langille.org
Tue Mar 18 01:32:58 GMT 2008

PGCon 2008 has released its schedule.  The second annual PGCon
has a strong lineup and will be attended by more than 20 major
PostgreSQL developers and over 200 hundred users. The conference
continues with a proven format of two days of tutorials followed by  
two days of
talks.  The schedule has a wide variety of topics which will appeal  
to both
developers and users alike.

PGCon has a strong emphasis on cooperation and community building.
The primary goal of any conference should be to bring the community
together and foster a spirit of working together.  PGCon meets this goal
and provides you with plenty of opportunities to meet and chat with the
rest of the community.

Registration is now open.  Prices range from $60 for students to $350
for corporate registration.  The following URL has full pricing details
and instructions on how to register:


Thanks to our sponsors:

Duslane Consulting

PGCon 2008 - http://www.pgcon.org/2008/

Dan Langille -- http://www.langille.org/
dan at langille.org

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